Thursday, December 22, 2016

Skill-building in the Chang School magazine and web publishing program

There's still time to sign up for one of the courses in the Chang School Magazine and Web Publishing program at Ryerson University. Courses are generally taught in the evenings* or online. The school is on the holiday break from today (Dec 22) until Jan 9, but registration is still available online. Don't be disappointed. Sign up now. 
  • CDJN 113 — Magazine and Website Editing (13 evenings)
    • Taught by Sydney Loney, this is one of the core courses for the M&WP certificate and an involving look at the process of creating a digital or print publication.
  • CDJN 116 — Introduction to Magazine Design (13 evenings)
    • Designer Dave Donald shows and tells how great-looking digital or print magazines get that way.
  • CDJN 117 — Writing for Magazines and the Web (13 evenings)
    • Diane Peters pilots participants through conceiving, focusing, pitching, researching, structuring, writing and revising both short and longer feature articles.
  • CDJN 118 — Advanced Feature Writing (13 evenings)
    • David Hayes leads a project-intensive course aimed at designed for serious students of magazine feature writing to further develop reporting and narrative skills.
  • CDJN 120 — Magazine Fact-Checking and Research (7 evenings)
    • Fact-checking is a key entry-level job in magazines and provides skills that work in any medium. Taught by Bernadette Kuncevicius.
  • CDJN 121 — Magazine Packaging — Distance Education  (7 weeks)
    • This course, taught by Jess Ross, focuses on packaging print and digital service journalism to delight readers and help them easily access what they need.
  • CDJN 202 — Marketing and Circulation (7 evenings)
    • Covers all systems and methods used to seek out and acquire readers in this vital contributor to a magazine's success. Taught by Darlene Storey.
  • CDJN 204 — Layout Software for Magazine Editors (7 Saturday mornings*)
    • Editors are expected to understand and use various aspects of the InDesign page layout program. Fast-paced, hands-on lab course on 7 Saturday mornings. 
  • CDJN 205 — Magazine Production (13 evenings)
    • This course helps today's magazine production professional, including the skills to publish on multiple platforms. Taught by Kim Latreille.
  • CDJN 206 — Creating Website Editorial — Distance Education  (7 weeks)
    • Chris Frey provides students with a valuable understanding of the most common strategic, logistical, and business-related challenges that come with producing great magazine websites.
  • CDJN 207 — The Online Publishing Toolkit  (7 evenings)
    • Graham F. Scott shows how to deliver content to readers whenever, wherever, and however they wish including such vital tools as content management systems, mobile apps, ad portals, and more.
  • CDJN 208 — Ad Sales on the Web (7 evenings)
    • Martin White shows how online advertising is priced, pitched, measured, designed, packaged and positioned against heavy-hitting competitors like Google

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